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Bible Study

The purpose of Saint Rest Bible Study is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through profound Bible study, available to all. To educate those being called by God toward full Christian maturity and to train them for effective ministry. To promote personal and spiritual growth and discipleship through Bible teaching. To bring individuals closer to God through in-depth study for the Bible, understanding God through the reading of his revelation of himself in the Bible, and coming to know His Son Jesus Christ in all His fullness through the power of the Holy Spirit. To help encourage individuals to establish a pattern of daily Bible study relevant to daily life through the power of Holy Spirit and to make God’s promises effective in each student’s personal experiences. To equip and motivate individuals to contribute more effectively to the life and work of their individual churches, supporting them faithfully in prayer, stewardship, and service. To help individuals make a greater impact for Christ in their families and community, communicating to others what they have learned and received, being alert to opportunities to affect others for good, and serving in the Kingdom of God. “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” II Timothy 2:15 

Boyz II Men

The mission of the Boyz II Men Mentoring program is to be an effective program that benefits both the mentee and the mentor by fostering genuine relationships and exchanging purposeful spiritual guidance between the mentor and mentee. This program will strategically target those who are interested in guidance, coaching, counseling, and confidence building throughout their teenage spiritual lives. The program will initiate a bond between the mentor and mentee that will expand the horizons and experiences of men’s spiritual maturity through out life.

College Ministry

The purpose of the college ministry is to provide an environment where like minded individuals can gather for fellowship and spiritual growth. The Movement areas of focus are fellowship, community involvement, and college life. Some of our proposed events include: fellowship, camping, Laser tag, movies, Color me mine, Snow retreat, Bible Study, dinner, Bowling, Skating, Sunday School. Community Involvement, Habitat for Humanity, Poverello House, Tutor for Youth, Annual College Night, College Life, study nights, open discussions, How to get a job, Interviewing, Financial aid and How to apply for Scholarships.

Liturgical Dance

The Saint Rest Baptist Church Dance Ministry has its own unique way of giving honor, praise and worship to the Savior. Through our mind, body and spirit, we are making a view to our Savior that he is in complete control of every aspect of our lives—inside and outside of the church! In complete surrenderance before God and becoming living sacrifices that are holy and acceptable to him, we vow to become vessels through which God is glorified and the Holy Spirit is given reign to minister. Our dace if filled with the joy only the Lord can give. It is filled with excitement that allows us to proclaim the freedom our God offers, which ignites the gift we have within.

Prayer Meeting

Prayer meetings exist for the gathering of like minded people meeting for the purpose of communicating with God and to seek a deeper relationship with God by communication through prayer with other believers. Prayer meeting is were the sick come to be heal, the wounded come to be nursed and the broken come to be fixed by God through the power of prayer. “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves and pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14

Media Ministry

Saint Rest Media Ministry exists to provide strategic communication tools and support services to all who are laboring to fulfill the Great Commission at the Saint Rest Baptist Church. We see it as a privilege to serve along side those who are called to “make disciples of all men’ and are committed to offering our services as unto the Lord. Our hope is that the media tools we produce will serve and encourage the ministries in our church through eminence sound and high quality recording. Our purpose is to make the word of God; whether through song, prayer of proclamation of the word come through with clarity and clear understanding

Music Ministry

The music and workshop arts ministry is made up of anointed choir members, liturgical dancers, and skilled musicians. Our worship services are filled with a repertoire of anthems, hymns, praise & worship, and both traditional and contemporary gospel musician. Our mode of worship is to glorify our Lord and Savoir, responding to the leading of the Holy spirit to fulfill God’s will for our congregation and the community at large.

Nurses Guild

We provide first aid, nursery, hospital visits, health safety inspections, at both church services and funerals. We volunteer at local hospitals, administer first aid during any and all church service.

Outreach Ministry

Our outreach ministries are ongoing throughout the year. They include: Thanksgiving baskets, Christmas gifts to needy families, and Easter Egg Hunt in the community.

Precious Jewels Literacy Club

This program will help build a life-long love of books and reading through the narration and wisdom of our seniors and volunteers. Our children will develop a thirst for the written word by reading various books, having book discussions, field trips and other related activities.

Sharron’s Place

Sharron’s Place is open every first through fourth Sundays. We welcome all children from infants to age 4.

Summer Enrichment Program

Saint Rest Summer Enrichment Program is a safe and fun, learning enriching program. The summer enrichment program functions through loyal retired/current teachers and college interns. Language arts/reading, mathematics and arts are our focus. The Summer Enrichment Program is for children entering Kindergarten through 6th grade.

Tutoring Our Youth

T.O.Y. ministry for our youth ages 6-18years who need tutoring in the subjects of math, English, and history. It is a by-semester program designed for the enhancement of our youth’s educational study skills and grade promotion. We seek to do ministry on behalf of our children and youth’s educational needs by showing them that if they need help, we are here to assist in their growth.

Usher Ministry

The Usher's Ministry are the warmth and direction of our worship experience. Our ushers are the first people you see when you walk into the sanctuary and their goal is to provide a hospitable worship experience. Our ushers seat you ever Sunday and provide our congregation with a comfortable atmosphere while the family is enjoying worship.

Vacation Bible School

Motto: Teach me your way, Lord, and I will live by your truth.” Psalm 86:11. Classes for all ages, preschool through Senior Adults.

Fired Up

Youth & Young Adult

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